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AWPCS - Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme

AUS-QUAL is an Australian Government Department of Agriculture accredited Certification Body for the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS).  We can get your business accredited to AWPCS requirements and help maintain accreditation through auditing and program management that meets both the requirements of the International Standard for Psytosanitary Measure (ISPM15) 'Guidelines for regulating Wood Packaging material in International Trade' and the AWPCS.

What is AWPCS and ISPM15 and why do you need it?

AWPCS has been developed by the Department of Agriculture to ensure that Australian treatment providers and wood packaging manufacturers produce wood packaging material that meets the requirements of the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM15).

ISPM15 is the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures Publication No. 15 2009-Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging in International Trade.  The program is mainly related to pest management.  There are currently 3 approved treatment methods; Heat Treatment, Dielectric Heating and Methyl Bromide Fumigation.

Under the AWPCS, treatment providers and wood packaging manufacturers that meet the ISPM15 requirements are authorised by the Department of Agriculture to apply an internationally recognised mark to wood packaging material produced for use in the export trade.  The ISPM15 certification mark can only be used in Australia by participants in the AWPCS who are recognised by the Department of Agriculture.

There are some unregulated materials which are exempt under the scheme such as plywood.

AWPCS Benefits to you

•    AWPCS is JAS-ANZ Accredited.
•    Complies with International Standards for Export.
•    Minimises Export Costs due to Incorrect Heat or Fumigation Treatments.
•    Third Party Auditing with Common-sense Approach.
•    AUS-QUAL Auditors are fully Exemplar Global Accredited.
•    AUS-QUAL Auditors have extensive experience in Product Certification,
•    AUS-QUAL Auditors are very cost effective and are located in ALL states.
•    AUS-QUAL Does not charge hidden costs and fees are fixed annually.

Steps to becoming AWPCS Certified

The AWPCS Programme requires an initial certification audit and once certified two verification audits per year.  The audits cover all aspects of the AWPCS requirements.

1. Print off an Application Form
2. Submit your Quality Manual for Desk Review
3. AUS-QUAL Auditor will complete an On-Site Audit
4. Once assessment is complete and your organisation is assessed compliant, AUS-QUAL will recommend your certification to the Department of Agriculture to obtain a certification number and approval to use the IPPC logo on your product.


Please contact us for all your certification needs.

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