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BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was originally developed by UK retailers in 1998 to enable their suppliers to be audited to a single standard by third party Certification Bodies reducing duplication of supplier audits.

The current Global Standard for Food Safety is internationally recognised and approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It is a comprehensive Standard covering management commitment, HACCP based food safety plans, food safety and quality management systems, site standards, product and process control, as well as personnel requirements.

BRC Certification is well recognised through the requirement for:

•    a detailed audit report that is often accepted in place of customer audits,
•    stringent competency, qualification and experience requirements for auditors,
•    approval of accredited certification bodies, and
•    the rigorous and exhaustive management by BRC of the Standard.

BRC Certification is required for export to many EU retailers and is recognised under the Coles House-brand Supplier requirements. Independent third party certification to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety provides food manufacturers a high level of assurance that their products are safe, meet the quality expectations of their customers and regulatory requirements.

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