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AUS-QUAL is an appointed Certification Body for the Freshcare National On-Farm Quality Assurance Program.

AUS-QUAL offers auditing services for; Freshcare Food Safety and Quality Certification, Freshcare Environmental Certification, Freshcare Environmental - Viticulture Certification; and Freshcare Environmental - Winery Certification, SALADG.A.P.

The AUS-QUAL team has a wealth of experience in the Agricultural Industry and understands horticultural operations as well as assessing the implementation of Food Safety Standards against a practical background.

AUS-QUAL has the capability of providing auditing services to not only meet Freshcare requirements but can conduct a vast range of other Food Safety Certification Audits.

AUS-QUAL welcomes all enquiries on;

Tel: 1800 630 890 or 07 3361 9233

Fax: 07 3361 9222


For further information please go to:

AUS-QUAL - Providers of Certification Services for Freshcare, Organic, GLOBALG.A.P., SQF, HACCP, Supermarkets, and B-Qual.

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