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GLOBALG.A.P. - Global Good Agricultural Practice

Retailers and producers from around the globe have joined forces to develop GLOBALG.A.P, now the world's leading harmonised on-farm certification standard, in an initiative to improve consumer confidence in the food they buy. For more than 100,000 farms in over 100 countries, GLOBALG.A.P has become the preferred choice to demonstrate compliance with food safety as well as the environmental and social requirements called for by many different markets.

The GLOBALG.A.P Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Standard is a pre-farm gate or on-farm standard that covers the certification of the whole agricultural production process of the product from before the plant is in the ground or from when the animal enters the production process to non-processed product.

The IFA Control Points and Compliance Criteria document is separated into different modules, each one covering different areas or levels of activity on a production site such as Fruit and Vegetables, Combinable Crops or Cattle and Sheep. This allows producers of various commodities, for example Fruit & Vegetables, Wheat and Livestock, to undergo a single audit in order to meet Certification requirements.

AUS-QUAL has been accredited to provide certification services to GLOBALG.A.P since June 2004. Having a team of Auditors, Technical Support and Certification Management Personnel with vast horticultural and livestock experience, AUS-QUAL is the first choice for certification services with a practical and friendly approach.


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