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AUS-QUAL offers organic auditing and certification to all sectors of the Organic Agricultural, Processing and Food Handling Industries. We provide industry the convenience of working with one professional business for all on farm and processing auditing requirements.

AUS-QUAL is accredited by The Australian Government Department of Agriculture to audit to the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce, which is the standard that the Department of Agriculture (formerly DAFF / AQIS) and the organic industry has developed for the certification of organic products in Australia. When certified to this standard businesses have the opportunities to export product worldwide as Australian Government Department of Agriculture has negotiated recognition to this standard throughout many regions of the world.

AUS-QUAL is accredited to audit and certify organic operations on behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Organic Program (NOP), to the National Program Regulations 7 CFR Part 205. This enables AUS-QUAL to offer businesses the opportunity to be audited and certified to the NOP and therefore have access to export to organic markets in the United States of America.

AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd and its parent company AUS-MEAT Limited, does not charge any levies, royalty or logo usage fees.

AUS-QUAL fees are NOT hinged on your businesses income.

If your business direction is moving towards organics or if you wish to use the same auditing agency for organic and other quality management systems, consider AUS-QUAL. We could be the professional auditing agency you are looking for.

AUS-QUAL welcomes all enquiries on:

Telephone International: +617 3361 9233

Telephone Toll Free: 1800 630 890


Thank you for your interest in our Services.


Department of Agriculture (DA)

For further information on the Department of Agriculture standard, please refer to the Department of Agriculture website page for: Organic and Bio-Dynamic Products


USDA National Organic Program (USDA-NOP)

For further information on the NOP standard please refer to: Electronic Code of Federal Regulations , and also refer to the USDA NOP Handbook

For further information on the use of USDA Organic Seal  click here

For further information on the Organic Industry Standard's Council, please click click here



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