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Becoming Certified Organic

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Organic Certification

AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd offers Organic Certification to the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce. The Standard provides a framework for the organic industry covering production, transportation, labelling and importation. Furthermore the Standard aims to ensure conditions of fair competition in the market place by distinguishing those products produced according to this Standard from those produced by other means. Use of this Standard provides transparency and credibility for the industry and protects the consumer against deception and fraud.

A certified area of land (primary production) must be under certification and complaint to the National Standard for a period of three years before product from that area of land may be marketed as Organic. The three years includes a minimum of twelve months of Precertification and the remainder including a non-negotiable minimum period of 12 months) at In-Conversion to Organic. Product that is produced during the Precertification period may never be sold or represented as Organic or In-Conversion to Organic. Product Certified as In-Conversion Organic can only be labelled as "In-Conversion".

Certified Organic Certification is full Organic Certification. Processors and Product Handlers may progress to Certified Organic status once the initial audit has been reviewed and approved. If a Processor or Product Handler sources product from In-Conversion to Organic suppliers they may also be issued an In-Conversion to Organic logo, and it is a requirement that any In-Conversion to Organic product be labelled as such. Primary Producers may progress to Certified Organic status after 24 months of In-Conversion to Organic Certification and 12 months of Precertification.

Please note that AUS-QUAL also offers Organic Certification to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).