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Organic Certification Application Forms - Processor/Wholesaler/Handler

To start the application process please contact the Organic Administration Staff at AUS-QUAL for a copy of reference material, our current fees, and the current forms listed below that are required for your Operation.

Contact details are:

  • Phone (07) 3361 9233
  • Email
The required documents that will need to be submitted for a Processor or Handler are:
  • Application Form,
  • Organic Handling or System Plan,
  • Detailed Site Plan that must feature elements as per the Map Checklist,
  • Organic Product Information Records (OPIR's),
  • Any relevant Procedures in place for the operation (e.g. Pest Control Procedures and Cleaning/Sanitation Procedures)

AUS-QUAL endeavours to accommodate Audit date requests whenever possible, however please note that the Audit cannot be scheduled until the Application and documentation has been reviewed and approved, and payment of your Application Fee has been received. The process from receipt of application to review, and approval, can vary depending on when all the required information is received.

If you are transferring from another Certification Body, to ensure your Certification does not lapse, AUS-QUAL recommends that the required paperwork be submitted to at least 8 weeks prior to your current Certification Expiry Date. You would also need to submit a copy of your previous audit report, current certificate, evidence of your pre-certification start date, along with any evidence of non-compliance closures if applicable.

For anyone currently certified to NOP who are looking at transferring to AUS-QUAL, please ensure you review the NOP Handbook Instruction NOP 2604 "Responsibilities of certified operations changing certifying agents", in regards to your responsibility when transferring certification bodies.

Click here for a link to the USDA Organics website downloadable documentation