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AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd through its parent company AUS-MEAT Limited is approved to provide to all production and manufacturing enterprises the Sedex (Smeta) Ethical Trade audit; these audits can be provided simultaneously with other customer Workplace or Social Accountability audits currently provided by AUS-MEAT or in isolation.

AUS-MEAT has considerable experienced in the field of Ethical Auditing having provided to its clients Social and Workplace Accountability audits throughout Australia and New Zealand since October 2005.

Should you wish to discuss the provision of your Sedex Smeta audit please contact the AUS-MEAT Program Manager on (+61) 7 3361 9200 or email Ethical Programs at

If you are an existing client you may nominate AUS-MEAT to do your Sedex Smeta audit directly through the Sedex Website

To nominate AUS-MEAT as your auditor please enter the Auditor Email and Auditor Name as shown below.

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Auditor Name - AUS-MEAT Limited

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