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SQF - One World. One  Standard.

The SQF (Safe Quality Food) Program is a leading food safety and quality certification program, originally developed in Australia in 1994 and now administered by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) in America.
The SQF Program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and links primary production certification to food manufacturing, distribution, retailing and food packaging certification.
The program is based on the systematic application of Codex HACCP Principles and guidelines but includes quality to assure customers that a management system is in place to deliver Safe Quality Food that meets both their own and regulatory requirements.
SQF is recognised by retailers and foodservice providers around the world who require a rigorous, credible food safety management system.
The SQF Program will be releasing Edition 8 of the Code in September 2017 for implementation from 02 January 2018. The code will be divided into 7 distinct standards: Food Safety Fundamentals (previously referred to as a Level 1 audit), Primary Production, Manufacturing, Retailing, Food Packaging and Quality.
The Safe Quality Food Institute Mission: To deliver consistent, globally recognized food safety and quality certification programs based on sound scientific principles, consistently applied across all industry sectors, and valued by all stakeholders.
SQF Vision: To be the single most trusted source for global food safety and quality certification.

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