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The purpose of this webpage is to remind companies, organisations and individuals that AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd owns the copyright of Intellectual Property (written material and artistic works) under the Copyright Act 1968.

AUS-QUAL pty Ltd encourages use of all such materials and works and will issue a non exclusive licence to interested parties to reproduce the required information. A licence agreement is required before reproduction of any AUS-QUAL material is permitted in any way or form eg.

  • In house documents
  • Training material
  • Promotion & advertising material
  • Electronic copies (websites, CD's, e-mails etc)

Email us for an application form which should be completed and returned to AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd before any reproduction or copying commences. Organisations that have previously scanned, copied or downloaded copyright material for internal or external use without receiving a license from AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd should complete the application form as soon as possible.

Those companies that have been issued a license to use the material or work under the conditions set out in the license do not need to re apply. However if the intended use differs from the original license or additional material is to be used, then a new application must be completed and received before a new license will be issued.

Except where stated, copyright in the information provided on this website is owned by or licensed to AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd.

You may only use and copy (including by downloading) the content for personal reference or for internal business purposes. The content must not be reproduced in any other way for any other purpose without AUS-QUAL's prior written consent.

AUS-QUAL makes no representation as to the accuracy of the content. If you use or rely on the content, you do so at your own risk.

To the extent permitted by law, AUS-QUAL excludes all warranties about the content and is not liable for any damage, loss, cost or expense which you/any other person may incur by using or relying on it.

When using the AUS-QUAL company name in any publication, report, image, media or any other type of written / electronic communication, it shall be shown in uppercase with the inclusive hyphen i.e. AUS-QUAL.

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