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Public Documents

If you need access to any AUS-QUAL Application forms, please follow this link or select the sub-heading from the navigation pane on the left side of this page.

Mission Statement - Click Here

Quality Policy - Click Here

Confidentiality Policy - Click Here

Impartiality and Conflict of Interest Policy - Click Here

Ethical Conduct Policy - Click Here

Non-Certification Activity Policy - Click Here

Complaints and Appeals Handling Process - Click Here

Rules for the Use of AUS-QUAL Marks - Click Here

Privacy Policy - Click Here



The following documents are available upon authorised request.  Please contact us directly to arrange authorisation.

Impartiality and Conflict of Interest Control Procedure

Specialist Advisory Support - Functional Structure

Terms of Reference - Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

AUS-QUAL Structure

Relationship Register

Functional Structure


Risk Analysis


Further Information

Further Information Regarding Certification by AUS-QUAL - Click Here

- Click the link above for further information regarding the Certification Process offered by AUS-QUAL.

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